Lifetime Care Plan

We want your jewellery to remain in the most pristine state possible for as long as possible. Like all beautiful things…..this requires time, effort, and money!!

Our care plan gives you the opportunity to manage these costs from day one. If you don’t want to continue paying maintenance costs for the rest of your life, then our care plan is for you.

We will, for life, cover you for work such as, but not limited to:

Rhodium Plating – Polishing - Ring Sizing - Accent Stone Loss - Chain Link Repair

Please note that this plan will not cover you against instances of obvious negligence or misuse of your items, such as stone loss or setting damage caused by impact.

Benefits of Our Care Plan

Jewellery items are extremely delicate, made from soft metals that wear over time. By purchasing our care plan we can ensure that the costs of maintaining your jewellery does not become sky high as time progresses.

We want to ensure our customers are provided with a professional service one would expect when buying luxury jewellery


We charge a flat fee of £199 to take of your item for life. A full breakdown of our care plan terms is detailed below. Please note we can only offer this service for jewellery, and it does not apply fr watches purchased with us.

This is a one off payment and will ensure your items are always in near perfect condition.

If you have any further questions about our care plan, then please feel free to contact our support team, who will be happy to help with your queries.

You must keep a record of your Jewellery Guru care plan reference number in order to validate the care plan. The Jewellery Guru care plan only applies to jewellery purchased via Jewellery Guru website or app. The Jewellery Guru care plan is limited to the repair and/or replacement at the discretion of Jewellery Guru. Jewellery Guru is not responsible for failure of the product or any other non-conformance caused by or attributable to (a) any misuse of the product; (b)neglect of, abuse of, or accident to, the product; or (c) general wear and tear of the product. If jewellery Guru decides the product is not under care plan warranty, Jewellery Guru will return the unwarranted product to you at your expense. Jewellery Guru will not honour the warranty if Jewellery Guru determines that the product has been worked on repaired by any party other than Jewellery Guru or an authorised subsidiary, or if the product forwarded to Jewellery Guru is not originally purchased from Jewellery Guru. Jewellery Guru will only take action under the care plan warranty when you deliver the product to Jewellery Guru, with a valid Jewellery Guru care plan reference number, proof and date of purchase.You are responsible to insure the product or risk or assume the risk of loss or damage in transit. Jewellery Guru is not responsible for sentimental value of the product. The Jewellery Guru care plan is valid from the effective date of purchase.