A Few words About Us

Welcome to Jewellery Guru, where buying and selling pre-owned jewellery is 100% risk free. Buying and selling pre-loved jewellery can be a difficult process, with most of the knowledge and power residing in the hands of the dealers and traders. This opens non-professional sellers up to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous experts who can buy low and sell high to boost their own profits. We wanted to change the way people buy and sell jewellery and create a safe and simple way to sell.

Here at Jewellery Guru have years of experience as both buyers and sellers of jewellery, online and offline, so we know well the frustration, pain and disappointments so many of us have endured from transactions that have gone badly. That’s why we set up Jewellery Guru. We don’t want anyone, whether a buyer or a seller, to have anything but a satisfactory experience.

The Concept

Our concept is a simple one. We offer buyers the chance to get a fair price for their jewellery that they may not want anymore. All you have to do is send the item to us after it has been sold through our website and we will authenticate it and professionally clean it to make sure the buyer is entirely satisfied when they receive it. This protects both buyers and sellers so that both can walk away from the transaction happy and better off.

Not Sure How To Sell?

If you want to really benefit from our years of expertise to help you sell your pre-loved jewellery, we have identified a gap in the market and introduced a VIP listing service. We know that the process of listing items you have for sale can be time-consuming because of the need to get all of the details right and the desire to describe the item in the right way to pique the interest of potential buyers. It’s not easy and getting it wrong can mean selling an item for less than it’s worth.

That’s where our VIP experience comes in. We’ll take care of all of it for you, from picking it up from you so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged in transit, to arranging professional photography to make your jewellery shine - after being expertly cleaned of course - to finding the right words to bring it to life for anyone who might be interested in buying it.