Photography Guide

One of the most important aspects of listing your item is photography. Put yourself in the buyers shoes when they are considering making a purchase. The lighting to use, the angle, and the crispness of the image are all very important.

Professional looking photos allow you to show a buyer what the item really looks like. There’s some basics that you need to know when taking your own photographs for selling online.

We have example images when you upload your products, but we realise that the process isn’t always that simple. Read on to discover our top tips…………

What Not To Do

Below are three examples of how not to take photographs when using the listing template. Remember that your images will be edited and cropped in order improve the chance of selling.

Poor quality images may mean your listing will not be published.

The following images all contain pitfalls that will make them unusable:

Lighting & Background
  • Do not use dark or coloured backdrops or boxes
  • Be careful of reflections
  • Try not to take images in low light
  • Try not to blur your images
  • Keep your distance so we can crop
  • Do not use zoom function
  • Do not use stock or website images
  • You must use an image of the actual item
  • Do not apply filters or edit your images
How it Should be Done

Here are the example pictures of how your items should be taken using a phone or camera.

Good quality images will help you sell your products fast online.

If you use the pictures below as a guide, the published images will give your item a much better chance of selling quickly:

Lighting & Background
  • Use a plain white background
  • Use as bright a room as possible
  • Lay the item flat on a surface edge to create a better angle
  • Get as close as possible without blur
  • Try to focus on the head of the ring
  • Do not worry if the image looks small
  • The image must be unenhanced
  • The image must be taken by phone/camera
  • Honesty is always the best policy!

If you’re concerned about how to get the best out of your product photos, why not let the experts sort it out for you? At Jewellery Guru, we offer the VIP listing option, where we’ll take care of all the potentially tricky aspects of listings, including taking professional-quality shots of your item.